Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the home I love

It has been too long since I've updated.
Way too many changes and updates to track.
But I'm thinking of writing here again- about the house and also my health.
I read hundreds of blogs and am constantly inspired by decor and delicious recipes.
I want to be part of that.
So maybe I'll post here from time to time about a change in the house or a great recipe or a new milestone- if for no other reason than to motivate myself.

Someday I'll catch up on everything new but a few highlights: gorgeous hardwood floors, new decor (thanks to Mike's sweet Pottery Barn discount), new paint colors, yardsale/thrift treasures galore, backyard landscaping (half the yard anyway), a second greyhound Clari Giroux Dia Cruz, wonderful housemates (who happen to be my siblings), vegan living, quality time with friends and family, turning 30, becoming a runner, teaching... it is all so full and rich. This is the foundation I was hoping for; the home I love.