Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I fell behind on my monthly updates and felt overwhelmed about how to jump back in- hence the silence all these months. My Dad encouraged me to just start again from where we are now so that is what I'm doing; trying to ignore the awkward pause between posts.

Life has been sweet and busy and wonderful. Ezra is just about 7 months old and literally blossoming into his own person. I understand the old lyrics, "I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow" (thanks Greaseband ;)) so well now.

In the last few months he has become aware of his surroundings and can identify his favorite people and things. Seeing his overwhelming joy in the morning when he realizes he's alive and laying in my arms is enough motivation to take on the world.
It is always a good morning <3

He somehow already knows that his Dad is hilarious and laughs at everything he does.  He has us trained not to miss bedtime or a meal- the only times he ever fusses is if we are late on either one. And if we happen to be unable to meet his immediate needs- Curious George will do the trick. He gets happy the moment the opening theme song starts.

He spends Mondays exploring the world, listening to music and (I'm hoping) talking to trees with my Dad. Tuesdays and Wednesdays he travels the city in his stroller, swings on the swing set and has learned to love "Patty Cake" (or as I just learned is actually "Pat a cake"- duh!)) with GG (my Gram). Thursdays and Fridays he squirms with excitement to see his Abuela y Abuelo and spends the days laughing at his silly Grandpa and cuddling with his Grandmom while practicing his Espanol. This kid is loved and spoiled and so am I. Outside of his amazing weekly schedule, he gets plenty of time with his Zsa Zsa (learning about animals), his cousins and aunts and uncles, his MomMom and Papi and his BFF Naomi.

This kid just completes me- he really is my heart. Besides telling him how gorgeous he is I try to speak life into him every day by telling him his best qualities. We lock eyes and I tell him things like "you are brave, you are kind, you are hardworking, you are loving, you are smart..." and he soaks it up and smiles with each new word. I also tell him that he is my best friend and he has to stay that way for my whole life ;).

And I'll wrap up with a few pictures to bring us up to date :)

First time in the ocean- Mothers Day 

Family beach trip- Avalon 
4 month check up- 24inches long, 11pounds 13oz
6 month check up: 24 1/2 inches long, 13 pounds 9oz 
Clari and Ez- finally starting to notice each other 
Charlie and Ez- Valley Forge Park 

Started solids at 6 months- he LOVES his fruits and veggies: sweet potato, banana, avocado, peas and apple!

A crazy happy Mothers Day

Cute kids- BFF Naomi 

Cousins! Ashie, AJ and Addi

Meeting cousin Charlie- born on Easter :)