Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Perhaps its because he is still so new to this world and fresh from my body that I can't imagine him growing up one day and being apart from me. The thought of my little baby being independent brings me to tears. Doesn't the universe know that he and I are meant to be connected...that the cord was only physical and our connection still pulses strong in my veins?

This little boy came to life inside of me and I think I'm only now fully realizing how incredible it all really was and is. Yesterday, his little stubby, tan fingers pressed firmly but lovingly into my chest while he was eating. The look in his eyes made it clear that I am still an extension of his body as he is mine. I placed my hand over his and wished there were a way to squeeze him into myself because the love felt too much.

Will I ever be whole without him?

Does this feeling last forever?

Or is it something that gradually eases with each stage in life to make growing up and apart hurt less?
Because I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

7 months

Today is actually Ezra's 8th month here with us, but I don't want to let another month go by without an update.

Ez turned 7 months in June- on the day we left California so it was already an exciting start to the month. He was a dreamy traveling partner that didn't have a care in the world. He loved sunny California and all the beautiful, sunny people we love in it. He went from person to person and place to place with a smile and big wide eyes. I can't get enough of this kid- he is my everything.

Weight: 14ish?
Height: 27 inches
Clothes: 3-6 month

-The color red
-Long walks and lots of trees
-Other little kids
- Playing in his office
-Splashing in the pool/tub

-Sleeping alone (but really- who doesn't?)
- Mama leaving the room
-Hunger (he's got hangry down!)

Memorable moments:
-Rolling over from his back to his belly
-Eating more fruits and veggies
-Father's Day (you are awesome Mikey)
-Mom Mom's 80th Birthday
-4th of July vacation in the Poconos (first swim in a lake)

Enjoying our last day in California 
A very happy father's day <3
Cruz men on Father's Day 
Celebrating Father's Day with my Dad!
Happy 80th Birthday Mom Mom!

Learning to stand with Uncle Nick

4th of July - Poconos
Gorgeous 7 month little man <3