Wednesday, August 3, 2011

buying a house and getting a dog ...

Yesterday marked 3 years of marriage for Mike and I....amazing.
He surprised me with reservations at IndeBlu- a local Indian restaurant I've had my eye on for months.

A bottle of Pinot, live jazz music and amazing vegan friendly meals made for a perfect, wonderful celebration. Over dinner I asked Mike what the high point of this past year had been and without hesitation he said, "buying the house and getting a dog."  It has been a wild year with lots of ups and lots of downs but we accomplished two goals that we've had for as long as we've known each other- we have a place to call home and a dog to love. These things among so many others make us extremely blessed.

On my way home from work I stopped at Goodwill hoping to find a cheesy little gift but instead found the exact frame I had dreamed up (here) for the artwork in the kitchen.

It looked old but the tag on back from HomeGoods said otherwise. It is a bit worn but has the funky character I was looking for.

Instead of the HomeGoods $40 price tag I spent $15 and passed it off as an anniversary gift.
After removing a ton of staples I replaced the print and now I have this beauty...

It is going to be hung on the wall between the kitchen and the dining room- the deep red flowers match perfectly with the Saffron walls in the dining room and help connect the two rooms. I might paint the frame- but I'm not sure yet...the gold might just be perfect.

A little decorating, an amazing dinner and another year together=fabulous.


  1. Happy Anniversary Kate and Michael! This is such a nice story of how you both spent your special day! Love the photo too ... and don't paint the frame ... it looks beautiful just as it is!

  2. Thanks Mary!!! :) I am taking your advice and leaving it gold. <3