Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Before & After: bathroom, boxes and bread

Small projects and delicious food pretty much sum up our last few days here at 119...a fabulous life it is.
While pulling out random weeds from the "patio" last night I turned to Mike (as he was bundling branches) and said "I love that owning a home means that there is always something to do." He agreed- kind of.

We have a few large projects that need to be spaced out over time...
1- Plumbing (possibly need to snake the pipes-hoping this isn't too expensive)
2-Electrical- we need some lighting in the living room and up-to-date/additional outlets upstairs
3-Landscaping- front yard needs to be graded and the backyard needs new plants/garden space
4-Refinish the hardwood floors

So while I continue dreaming about those larger projects (and saving every pretty penny) I've been keeping myself busy with smaller/cheaper distractions like this bathroom organization project:
Bathroom BEFORE (how did I collect so much stuff?!)

I am also currently enthralled with window ledges and plants so when I found these widow boxes for 1$ I bought two and couldn't wait to make them pretty and fill my front window ledges with flowers. 

AFTER! I used a left over paint sample (still might paint the kitchen this color). 

While painting these lovely flower boxes our friend Sherry stopped by to see the place and she brought us this amazing piece of heaven on earth:
BEFORE: Homemade parmesan, rosemary, garlic bread

AFTER! (Note: this was actually taken the day we found out we got the house...but it should express to you how excited we are about this bread...thanks Sherry!).

<3 Kate 

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  1. It's Julia, but I don't really get how to make it say my name. So I'm catching up on life and it did not stop while Asher was in the hospital and such. Anyway, just realized that you bought a house!!! Congratulations! I can't wait to see it, it looks so stinking cute.