Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House Full

There is something so comforting about the hum of an old air conditioner..the louder and older the unit the better. It takes me back to childhood when central air didn't exist in our house and anytime we weren't in the pool keeping cool- we'd be huddled in front of the AC. Just the sound of it makes me think of summer freedom; late nights in the back yard chasing fireflies, sleepovers and vacations with the grandparents. I'd love to go back...just for a week and remember what that kind of freedom feels like, but instead I'll just appreciate the sound of our little AC unit and the fact that at least one room in the house is cool enough to live in.

This more than warm weather has kept us busy- 3 barbecues, late night bonfires, a trip to the beach, a full and green garden and of course a broken refrigerator and central air unit to add to the joy.

Friday was my 28th birthday- and if I had to give up being my favorite number (27) at least I was surrounded by friends and family in my own home. It was so amazing to have 30+ people in my house enjoying food and a gorgeous evening breeze in the backyard.

Mmmmm...so glad there are leftovers. 
Mike the "Grill Master" 

Lovely people <3

Me and my sister <3

It was so nice to have the house full- we even had overnight guests who were in the area for a wedding- I was so happy I started thinking about opening up a bed and breakfast. ha!

Mike continues to impress me with his home repair/building skills and I am really happy to show off my new two-tier, raised bed garden.
It's already filled to the brim with tomatoes (cherry, big boy, roma), peppers (green, jalapeno, banana, sweet),  eggplant, squash and onions. And when it comes time to store the delicious fruits of my labor I now have a fully functional fridge to store them in.

We noticed a lot of condensation in the fridge the past week and at my party my dad mentioned the door seemed lose. Sunday evening the door completely fell off...leaving all our precious left overs vulnerable to the heat of our non-air conditioned house. Luckily Mike was able to diagnose the problem and with a little hard work got the door back on track and saved the day!

My hero <3
That is the latest from the home front...just really thankful for a great weekend and looking forward to many more here at 119. <3

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