Sunday, June 5, 2011

My favorite Saturdays...

As a kid my favorite Saturdays were spent with my grandparents driving around in the pick up and scouring yard sales for hidden treasures. The thrill of finding a new toy or a set of Nancy Drew novels was addicting and time with my grandparents always filled my heart- ending each Saturday morning with a diner breakfast didn't hurt either (I still order my eggs just like Grandpa). I wish I hadn't gotten so busy as a teenager and let these precious Saturdays go. By the time I started going to yard sales again in college I had forgotten all the tricks of the to spot a good deal, how to negotiate a better price etc. In fact, I got really self conscious about it all and shied away from the haggling and the awkward small talk with sellers. Thankfully, in the last few years I've regained my grandparent given confidence and have a lot of great treasures to show for it. I have four tricks I like to attribute my success to...

  1. Map it out- My grandpa always knew where the next big yard sale would be...having a map really keeps things efficient! Hitting up town wide yard sales is really your best bet because the sales just keep coming. 
  2. Wear sunglasses- I know its silly but wearing sunglasses makes me feel more I can hide my not so poker faced excitement and play hard to get when negotiating a price.
  3. Say "Thank you"- I know I'm easily guilt-ed but I really do feel bad when I don't buy something from someone's yardsale...especially after we've made small talk or there is no one else at the sale. Instead of making a pity purchase I've learned to just say "thank you" and "have a nice day" and go on my way. 
  4. Never offer a price or accept the first price they give you.  Often I'm tempted to offer a lump sum for a grouping of objects only to find that the price the seller offers is way less than what I would have suggested. Also, when the seller gives you a price always ask, "will you take {insert cheaper amount here}?" 
All that being said...I think I had one of my greatest yard sale adventures this past weekend at the C-Wood town wide yard sale. There were over 100 sales in this adorable town and a really great selection of treasures. Mike had to force me to go home because I seriously couldn't stop. Check out my haul: 

I decided to be a total nerd and I looked up each item and found a comparable one with a price tag (either in store or on e-bay) and if we had purchased this lot any other way we would have spent.... $410.00! Instead thanks to one Saturday morning adventure, my stealth sunglasses, my handsome husband and some birthday money I saved $360.00! 

We also scored a large dog crate (not pictured) for $5 (regularly $80) for the dog we hope to add to our 119 family soon <3.  

What is your best yard sale find? 



  1. My best yard sale find is easy. Last July at a flea market next to Eastern State Penitentiary I found a Greaseband record. Easily the best and most random find ever and I've worked at thrift stores for 6 years!

  2. A $2 french press that was huge. I then broke it about a year later. UGH

    I also found a brand new Rollins jersey for $20 :)