Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Morning?

Its 8:30am and its already been a busy day here at 119...a little too busy.
The AC folks finally showed up to fix the central air (we've been waiting 13 days)- they tested for leaks and didn't find any so they filled us up with freon and went on their way. With the dangerous heat headed our way- its nice to feel chilly in my house again.

I also have PSEG here doing a home audit- which is a really great program where they test your home for leaks (gas/air etc) and they fill any they find (for free!) then they make recommendations about what units you should change out in your home (AC/water heater) and give you 20-80% off of new units. Well, Joe and Dwight are here and while wandering the home they found asbestos in the basement walls and two gas leaks. Sweet!

Dwight told me that the asbestos isn't an issue unless we touch it or do major renovations but he suggested that we might want to have it sealed just to be safe. He fixed the gas leak on the heater but couldn't fix the leak on the water heater (pipes are too old). So the water heater is shut off for now and I'm waiting until 4pm for the plumber from my home warranty company to come and fix the pipe/leak. While we are waiting Joe filled in the spaces around the wall AC unit, weatherproofed the doors, caulked the windows and replaced old bulbs with CF bulbs...for free!

I'm upset that things keep happening/breaking/leaking but I'm glad that so far everything has been fixable and that we have a home warranty that covers most of it (for a fee of $95 per visit).

I suppose this is what I get for buying a 100 year old house.

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