Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bohemian Chic...

It's been a while...too long in fact. Sorry about the pause.
It's been a wild month- parties, medical emergencies, painting, pay cuts and a puppy.
While looking through my favorite blogs today I found this one  which perfectly describes my decorating style and it inspired me to post.
As a college student I lived on the Main Line (a gorgeous, well-to-do section of PA) and spent quite a bit of time as a nanny for a beyond fabulous family (if you are reading this- you know who you are and I love you!). This particular family had a sense of style that left an indelible mark upon me...the way they casually decorated with fine items from exciting vacations or exotically worn family heirlooms created a sense of comfort and story. I am constantly drawn to things that remind of this style- worn Persian style rugs, hand carved knick-knacks, vintage silver candlesticks, oil paintings, aged get the idea. Apartment Therapy finally gave me a name for this learned style of mine: Bohemian chic...
"an eclectic decorating style that is hard to define. A little bit hippie and a little bit hipster. A little bit retro and a little bit romantic. Boho chic may look haphazard and random but don't be deceived. Eclectic styles are sometimes the most difficult to pull off. When done right, the effect is magnificent. Bohemian rooms have a dynamic, evolving movement to them; the design aesthetic does not feel overly engineered and planned. Comfortable and inviting, these are rooms to be experienced, not merely admired." 
 You can't easily buy this style- you can find it in an isle at Target- it takes time, yardsales, exotic vacations and a collection of experiences which is why my house looks so completely unfinished (this is a valid excuse right?).

I finally have a boho chic vision for the master bedroom and one day when money stops disappearing so quickly it will be accomplished- for now we at least have color on the walls.

The Vision 
I cut this out of a magazine years ago- I love the richness of the room; the way it feels comfortable but exotic. It took me 10 paint samples, one gallon of comfort grey that I hated and the final gallon of "Wrought Iron" by Martha Stewart to get paint on the walls. 

This was the comfort grey that I spent 5 hours painting only to realize I couldn't live with it.

"Wrought Iron"

The first "I Love You" was my attempt at being cute...the second "I Really Love You" was my attempt at keeping my husband from running away after I made him take our Martha Stewart paint sample to Sherwin Williams (because we like their paint better) and bug the paint man to tweak it three times to get the right color, only to get home and hate the fact that it was a tiny shade wrong and have a breakdown while he went back to the store and bugged the paint man to tweak the color 5 additional times just to make me happy. I REALLY love my husband and the dark dark blue on our walls. 

For the time being this project is at a standstill but in the future we hope to:
  • Make and upholster a gorgeous headboard (in a goldish yellow fabric)
  • Install hardwood floors 
  • Paint the beat up trim 
  • Score some vintage dressers 
  • Decorate our (my) boho chic heart/s out 
After all- this gorgeous girl deserves a gorgeous room to sleep in. 
Introducing our beautiful new family member- Naya (a retired/rescued greyhound). 

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